Everyone has the love of beauty. The brand YoulerTex was born in the process of women’s pursuit of beauty. As most girls, the founder hopes to be more pretty! Therefore, she spends a lot of time and money making herself being more beautiful! Especially, to make her hair dry in short time, she frequently uses hair-dryer, which made her hair dull and dry, which caused irreversible damage. She was so worried about it. Then, She found some girls around her have the same trouble, so she thought deeply. She was willing to help females to be more beautiful in a easier and safer way. Therefore, she established YoulerTex , which specializes in healthy and sustainable personal care solutions for women.

After Youler got married and had her own family and had her own child, her definition of beauty also changed! Beauty is not only about appearance, but also refers to freedom that women pursuit that helping girls to complete household cleaning and baby care more easily, so that women have more time to enjoy life. Therefore, we have expanded our offerings to provide efficient household cleaning and baby care textile products.

In the pursuit of beauty, Youler found that our responsibility is not only to make women more beautiful, but also to be committed to continuous innovation, to provide more environmentally friendly and safe products, and to make our environment more beautiful.

The founder of YoulerTex

To improve the quality of women’s life around the world, to pursue the health of the global environment, and to pursue sustainable beauty, we are always on the way!